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Robry-Calc is a dynamic, versatile spreadsheet capable of organizing and processing vast amounts of data into a variety of useful reports and charts. Built around the core principles of accuracy, speed and flexibility, Robry-Calc can help you to achieve your data processing and analysis goals.

Robry-Calc is a distribution of GS-Calc (a line of spreadsheets developed by Citadel5 - a European software company), which was relied upon for the initial development and subsequent expansion of Robry825 modeling.

While the mainstream GS-Calc distribution assumes more frequent version updates, the Robry-Calc distribution, launched in 2010, features a more conservative approach - the largest and most complex of the hundreds of Robry825 models integrated into the extensive stress-testing and validation process of Robry-Calc help to reduce the chances of embedded errors surviving the development process.

Main Robry-Calc features include:

  • Around 300 built-in formulas including specialized numerical functions: matrix decompositions; linear equation sets with improving iterations; least squares (weighted, constrained), regression with orthogonal polynomials; time series analysis; minimization; linear, integer and quadratic programming.
  • Array formulas and 3D-formulas; UDF functions accepting and returning arrays.
  • Over 12 million rows x 4,096 columns.
  • Workbooks containing any number of hierarchically organized worksheets.
  • 2D/XY and 3D charts capable of handling very large amounts of data.
  • Standard editing and formatting tools and options; optional Excel-, OpenFormula- and GoogleDocs-compatible formula syntax, predefined numeric styles and user-defined styles.
  • Pivot tables implemented as array formulas.
  • Multi-Core / Multi-thread enabled, with 95% plus scaling efficiencies observed in the larger (500 MB+) robry825 data files.
  • Thread & priority selection available to achieve maximum multitasking flexibility, response, and efficiency.
  • Choose between ODF or fast-loading Ultra-compressed GSC file formats.
  • Extensive Match and Lookup function optimizations allowing for greater control of data throughput and execution speed, including handling of mixed-datatype searches.
  • Up to 100-pane worksheet windows possible with advanced splitting, formatting, & sync options;
  • Strong password protection and encryption; password-protecting workbook structures and individual cells.
  • Dual COM interfaces enabling you to use GS-Calc functionality in your own applications.
  • Clean installation (no registry entries are required); optional fully-portable setup.
  • Saving workbooks to PDF: saving entire workbooks (with the worksheet tree structure preserved), single worksheets, ranges and single charts; very small output files.
  • Importing, exporting and editing text, dBase III-IV, Clipper, FoxPro 2.x and Excel 2003 XML files.

Recent Updates

January 4, 2013
Robry-Calc 10.0 has been released.
Version: 10.0.7
File: rrcalc10.exe
Size: 1.89MB

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